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There are actions which are justified and understandable.

And there are actions which are smart and effective.

There is a difference.

We cannot run our lives solely based on our feelings. Just because you feel a certain way and that drives your actions, that does not mean that your actions are automatically correct. Your feelings are not invalid, but they are not always the best guiding force. Sometimes, we must work past them.

We run our society with both our brains and our hearts. For a reason. A good reason.

If our emotional responses could excuse everything we did, we’d truly be living in hell.

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The coolest thing about Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia is that it serves as a reminder of how much is out there in the world to know about and how there are so many people out there living, doing things, things that are reaching you, at the same moment.


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really you shouldn’t ever tell your friend “you don’t need to count calories, you’re fine!”

if your friend expresses insecurities about their weight, then you talk through that with them. but really, reading nutritional facts is something everyone should probably be doing, including me. it’s not just for people who want to slim down. so you really shouldn’t be telling someone not to be conscious of it.

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Disney only does movies about white people.

It’s disgusting

How they never have

any people of color

from any other cultures

And they totally glorify the white man

And totally marginalize their plights

And overall refuses to give children of color characters to relate to

Those racist bastards.

dude that’s only eight films out of the literally hundreds of (white) films disney has made shut up

disney is racist lol

i really don’t think disney is intentionally racist but yeah um


brother bear, princess and the frog, and emperors new groove feature poc sure but they’re animals for half their movie.

which in their own sense kinda means nothing but.

i haven’t seen a movie with a white princess being turned into an animal. 

i mean unless you count brave. sure. but thats still one movie.

It’s also not just a matter of filling a quota, or even comparing numbers. While the numbers matter, the problem people had with Frozen was that it was the third (techinically 3rd and 4th) white princess in a row. Yes, Rapunzel was the first white princess in almost 2 decades. And you know what? Having a white princess again after 3 POC princesses is okay. But then they just continued to make white princesses again. 

As a creative myself, I am all for the rights of artists of all media to be able to tell a story they want to tell in the way they want to tell it, whether it’s a story about cis straight white men or something or otherwise. But then, there’s also a sort of responsibility, one that especially befalls prominent storytellers like disney, to also work in representation and relatability.

And disney hasn’t really been doing that.

It’s not a matter of PoC not existing in disney works. It’s a matter of how it’s 2013 and they just kind of seemed to stop trying to do it very much. 

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the most discouraging thing i’ve learned in recent years is that no matter how well articulated a statement is, no matter how well crafted, how solid, how foolproof-seeming it is, someone will always misunderstand it


Oppression is a deep and complicated issue and is so much more than explicit statements of hate.

Like so many people have grown so sensitive that they react aggressively to anything remotely offensive, so many people have also grown so sensitive that they react just as aggressively to the idea of people being offended.
Just because you don’t think it’s offensive doesn’t mean it’s people being randomly offended at the smallest thing

We’re not headed to a society of PC gone mad and oversensitivity. If you open your eyes and look around you, you’ll see we’re so far from it. We’re not even close to widespread tolerance or awareness, let alone being overcoddling and hypersensitivity to the most inane offense.

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i did a bad thing and got into a social justice fight on facebook and i should know better but i don’t. but I liked this statement so i spliced it up for an x-post to tumblr just to share my thoughts based on what i’ve learned

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you know i’m sure many other people have said this before me

but the more i think about it

why does it matter enough for you to clarify that you are straight if you support gay rights


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real talk is there anyone who likes chihiro fujisaki while simultaneously thinking it’s okay to treat all men like shit and that men have no issues just because woman have it worse


if there are people like that

i’d rather not know




Worth reading…



I started reading and was like “what the actual fuck” before reaching the end

bless you 

Holy crap. 

god bless ur soul omg

i actually kind of hate posts like this.

I don’t think they really change anyone’s minds, because, for example, there’s a giant difference between making one’s visible skin color at birth that covers your whole body illegal and making gay marriage, which manifests in action, illegal.

This kind of argument really only works on people who are not racist and already support homosexuality. Someone who is not racist but also does not support homosexuality would immediately see differences and defend their viewpoint because only one part of this post actually refutes homophobia. Someone who is racist and does not support homosexuality would probably just say “Yeah, that sounds about right both ways.”

It just bothers me because it’s not really that effective. It’s trying to simplify two separate and complex cultural issues while assuming that support for both gay and black rights is a vast majority. Plus, it’s based on ignorance and social acceptance rather than morality and tolerance.

This kind of argument really only does more harm than good if you ask me.

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majority opinion of a time period =/= the golden rule of a time period.

I mean, I agree. It’s annoying if someone’s characters are all “the same” or share some really prominent traits, or if they seem like mouthpieces for their creator. But having multiple feminists can be done right. And really, having the evil non-feminist isn’t so much of a problem as it is a device. By giving that character views opposite to the others, it cements that character as an opponent and in some ways can develop them as being of a lower moral caliber. Making the heroes feminists and the villain nonfeminist or misogynist even divides them. It may be cheap, and I think it’d be interesting to have a villain with redeemable traits, but it can be done right. And honestly, if the villain was a feminist, Anon would just complain more.

Feminism in particular has become a broader subject and is often commonly thought to boil down to “do you believe in equality or not”, so it’s not really a surprise nor is it as bad as other possible philosophies. 

But something that really bothers me is the idea that just because something is socially unacceptable in a time period, that means it can’t be portrayed in fiction. If I may say, that makes for very boring fiction and also very boring history. We must remember that rights movements came directly out of times in which their viewpoints were socially unacceptable. The woman’s suffrage movement was in a time when women’s abilities were belittled even by women. And yet it still happened.  Hell, look at the entire Civil Rights movement. Everything that happened in the Civil Rights movement was in times when black rights were notoriously looked down upon. And the same holds true for any rights movement or group, and even today. Today, feminism still isn’t taken very seriously. Yet, that doesn’t make a modern feminist character a bad choice. 

Even in times that are known for a certain culture do not bound all people of that time to have that viewpoint. I once read an excerpt from a letter from one female feminist to another in the 19th Century, expressing a view “ahead of her time”. 

And like I said, it makes for more interesting fiction, too. If every person in your RP had the same time-period-“appropriate” view on women’s rights and feminism, then it may be realistic but it certainly would not be as interesting as a realistic portrayal of a feminist in that time period. That makes for a potentially more complex character and plotline.

I’ve looked at this more from the perspective of a writer than a roleplayer, I suppose, but it really applies anyway.