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ok sims that was funny

you can start now

it isn’t funny anymore


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I am in shock

in which i rage over my spanish class

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The lunch served at my school is not so much “disgusting jailfood goop” as it is not cooked.




Okay, it’s people like you that make me ashamed to be of German descent. You think it’s okay to flaunt around around and say “LOL KAWAII NAZI DESU YO!”

It certainly is NOT fucking okay. Why don’t you make Al Queda models, huh? Make some mother fucking terrorists for MMD while you are at it.   If anything, hundreds of terrorists are LESS hostile than any SS Officer during WWII. Why? Because they seek to destroy themselves in the process, whereas SS Officers killed and maimed and raped and burned and destroyed over and over again. No sense of remorse, due to the heavy brainwashing they were under. They were just as casual about it as a guy getting a coffee at Starbucks. This is what they were trained to do. This is what they WERE. Cold-blooded killers.

I am so fucking sick of the romanticism of Nazis as these bad ass mother fuckers that knew how to fuck shit up because of how hardcore they were.

Do you think the German people like to be reminded of this shit, huh? Do you think they’re proud of this past? HELL NO. Racism STILL goes on in the United States today, and elsewhere. We accuse all Germans of being Nazis. It’s not a fucking compliment. It’s a fucking serious insult.

Oh, and what’s that girl doing there? You seriously think women were allowed in the motherfucking German army? My god you must be stupid.

And the fact that this person is probably a Hetalia fan? Oh my fucking god. I am so sick of you Nazi retarded Hetalia fans. Get your heads out of your asses, get your fucking facts straight. Read up on the Nazi ideology. Do you hate homosexuals? Do you hate people of other religions and races? Do you the hate ill and crippled?

Do you want to live in a dictatorial society where you are enslaved and forced to follow a corrupt leader?  By all means, move to North Korea. You’d love it there.

As a Hetalia fan, as a German, as a future history major, as an MMD User, and as a human being, this offends me greatly. The internet is so stupid these days.

 I actually don’t watch Hetalia(I keep reading it as genitalia for some reason), but if you get your knickers in a bunch over a simple picture of models wearing..

An outfit.

Articles of clothing.

On 3D models.

On people who don’t even exist.

You must be like. Turbo sensitive or something. Again, they’re not even killing anyone. But clearly, you must be new to the internet as well, I could google images a thousand times worse than this. Addionally, I was saying “kawaii desu” in a non-serious manner. I thought you would get right now that i’m not even serious about this whole thing. I’m laughing at how people are getting serious as FUCK over this image. You want to know how you have a mostly stress-free life? Don’t take simple and stupid things seriously.

 Short version of this:

I have to agree with zeaky on this. People are a little too up in arms about this one. Articbanana had some good points but people blew this way out of proportion.

It’s not necessarily taking a stance of Naziism. I mean, I guess you can be offended by “kawaii animu nazis” because this picture doesn’t depict them in the serious manner it should because of the style, but there’s really not much offensive about this image imo. it’s not saying “nazi’s where great guise”, or even showing anything very nazi-like. There are NO implications in this picture. They are ALL IN YOUR HEADS. Unless someone tracked the source of this picture, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PICTURE IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN OR WHAT THE AUTHOR’S STANCE ON NAZIISM IS.

Just because someone made a picture depicting two Nazi characters does not mean that the creator is a nazi. It does not mean that the creator is a Hetalia fan. It does not mean that the creator thinks all germans are nazis. It doesn’t not mean the creator supports the ideas of the nazis.

Maybe I’m not as sensitive to Nazis as I should be, and I won’t deny that this picture can be seen as offensive to some people. But I don’t think there’s enough offensive things in it to warrant the reaction it received.  You can be offended by it, but it seems like people are too offended by it.


Do you think the German people like to be reminded of this shit, huh? Do you think they’re proud of this past? HELL NO.

This for some reason just gets me. Like
So what.
Every nation has a dark past.
Should we just never speak of them again?
Should we go in and cut out racism, sexism, classism, genocide, war, and oppression from our textbooks and ban all media depicting such history?
Just because we’re not proud of it?
Should we never face what we didn’t do
Just because
We don’t like that it happened?

Also guys

This does not mean they’re a Hetalia fan even.

Yes, that is a Hetalia Uniform. And yes, the Iron Cross used is a “Hetalia” Iron Cross.
No, there’s not that many military uniforms available for MMD.

I know I’m irrationally angry, and I wanna stress again that yes it’s okay to be offended by this


it honestly seems like people are looking for an excuse to be offended.
It really does.
It doesn’t seem like there’s as many reasons to be offended as people are making it out to be.

Was it a good idea on the model maker/picture maker’s part? Maybe not. They should have thought about it and asked themselves
"Should I really do this?"
And yes, I feel they are wrong for not asking that.
And yes, I feel it does sort of “make light” of a dark history, but I don’t feel that’s intentional. Until I can see the artist’s comments, I can’t say they’re trying to make light of Naziism just because of the medium they used.

Maybe it wasn’t the best decision in the world to make
but really
This seems a little too overboard guys.

I mean

I gotta be missing something

I have to be.

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oh wait i’m here already.

Two things:
I swear to god i didn’t realize it was a submission until I reached the end. I thought they were parodying people who scream at them.
I have said before and will say again that “Let’s see you do better” is not al valid argument. Yes, perhaps it can add some “validity” to your criticism if you understand as an OC maker/Artist, but when you create OCs and Art, you are NOT making and showing them for other creators to tell you what you did right. You are creating for US, the public, the VIEWER. Your audience has as much a right to criticize as any artist or author.
If a chef makes me shitty food, do I have no right to say “That tasted bad” just because I don’tcook much? Do I need to be a chef to eat?
If I read a bad book, am I not allowed to complain about the senseless plot because I prefer to read rather than write? Do I need to be an author to read?
Need I graduate college with a game design major to say “I didn’t enjoy this game”? Do I need to be on a game design team to play?

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So until I get a laptop, or another computer that can run it, I am not allowed to play Sims 3

For some reason, my parents refuse to let anything Sims touch the actual harddrive even temporarily, despite the issue purely being space. (Even though we have a terabyte of space…) I’m not allowed to move the EA folder to documents when I need it and then move it back to the external when I’m done. I’m not allowed to have anything sims on this computer, period.

I really don’t know why it’s a problem, but it is.









Awahkajhdjkashd, so true. I LOVE EVERYONE. 

You know, I can’t help but feel tumblr is responsible for this with it’s “facebook fucking sucks” attitude. Surely I’m not the only one who has seen those posts with people making fun of others on facebook and then saying “Tumblr is better!”  

It’s a fucking website. There are still people on both websites. REAL people. Just because one website appeals to you more doesn’t mean you need to offend, make fun of and just plain insult people on the other. No one I know on facebook says anything like this. My friends help me when I need help they don’t tell me I’m an attention whore. 

Just because you don’t like a website doesn’t mean you need to make lies up and say THAT^ is EXACTLY how people on facebook act. Because it’s not. 

i love you so much right now you don’t even know.

Honestly I’ve never encountered that kind of shit attitude on facebook either. I honestly haven’t. In fact people are supportive sometimes.

I mean I dunno about you guys but uh

I have a facebook

and i’ve seen that a lot people on tumblr do too so

i don’t see why the facebook population is that much different from the tumblr population.

If anything, people on Facebook would be more likely to be supportive. You tell your friends and classmates/coworkers that you want to kill yourself and unless you’ve got a shitty life, which is not facebook’s fault, then people are going to take you seriously. On Tumblr, you don’t know these people in real life, so everything is with a grain of salt and you’re not going to see as much support as you’d like.

And honestly, I don’t mean to call my followers out because I don’t really blame them, but when I complain, I get minimal support if any. The support I get isn’t even from strangers, either, it’s from people who are already my friends. So no. Tumblr isn’t some fucking amazing place of happiness and kindness where everyone automatically cares.
Tumblr isn’t generally anything. Tumblr isn’t generally kind. Tumblr isn’t generally LGBT friendly. Tumblr isn’t any fucking thing you people have ever told me it is. It’s a mass of thousands of thousands of people. You can’t say that this huge variety is ALL good people.

People need to stop fucking blaming Facebook because they have awful friends and stop fucking glorifying Tumblr because they stick around the good people on there.

And you know what? I mean if people on Facebook are saying this shit to you WHY THE FUCK DID YOU EVER ADD THEM? I MEAN REALLY? UNFRIEND THEM. BLOCK THEM. SIMPLE AS THAT.
YOU CANNOT FUCKING COMPLAIN THAT PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK ARE ASSHOLES BECAUSE YOU PERSONALLY APPROVED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM, AND YOU HAVE THE POWER TO REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR FACEBOOK. If someone is really bullying you and they happen to be using Facebook, that is a legitimate problem, but you can’t say it’s Facebook’s fault. You can say that the person is shit, but you can’t say that people on your Facebook are shit.

And it’s not like “Wah it’s so hard and awkward to defriend people” because if people are being absolute shit to you and you hate Facebook anyway, it shouldn’t be that goddamn hard.

And also, if you hate Facebook so much, leave. Deactivate and never come back. Simple as that.

Stop comparing Tumblr and Facebook and stop treating Tumblr like it’s something special. Tumblr’s really no friendlier than anywhere else on the internet.

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"For each battle, give 1-2 sentences of how the picture shows the importance or impact of each battle."

a picture of a tank rolling in like the desert or something i can’t tell because of the shitty school printers.

completely alone. Just two guys rolling around in a tank in the middle of nothing.

No flags, no bases, no evidence of combat.

What the fuck does this tell me about the importance of el alamein


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I’m sorry if I came off overly angry inbthat post

But fucking hell I was honestly offended and that’s how I felt. I could have been calmer but quite frankly I couldn’t be.
Wish I could edit that post though without breaking it. (TUMBLR APP WHY ARE YOU SHIT?)





this is diptych at its finest.

but i must admit, i was a little let down by other people’s responses to this photoset. i scrolled through hundreds of the notes, and read some of the comments left when people reblogged. and SO MANY of them said things like:

“i thought that was a dude!” 

“oh wow she’s so hot”

“i had no idea that was a chick”

“i like my women butch”

……….. all of you are automatically assuming that this is a woman because this gender fluid person has BREASTS? shame on you!

these photos are not defining a gender, they are expressing androgyny. 

please understand that there is a big difference!

you have no idea how this person identifies or if they’re even gay/lesbian/butch whatever. and maybe this isn’t even a girl at all, maybe it’s a trans* guy with a chest. but the point i’m trying to make here: you have no idea how to label this PERSON, and i find it so ridiculous that society must always classify people they don’t even know.

Always reblog this.

fantastic commentary.

Rebloging for both : photoset (which is freaking awesome and hot) and the wonderful, accurate comment.

Excuse me for not being able to tell just by looking?
How the fuck am I supposed to know they were adrongynous?
They could have very well been agender, male identifying, or even just a girl who identifies as a girl but hapoens to dress up like a guy? Maybe just a normal cross dresser? Maybe they could have been androgynous, or any of the other fucking thousands of labels.
I am all for gender awareness or whatever the fuck we call it, but shaming people for not being psychic is just fucking bullshit. That’s not the fucking way to go about it.
You can’t tell gender identity just by looking at someone. You can’t. It’s like trying to tell someone’s favorite food by looking at them. You said it yourself. Now don’t berate people for calling them a girl. Isn’t that androgyny? Being part male, part female?

And I hate to say it, but it’s true: if you’re going to post a picture of your boobs, people are going to focus on your boobs, not the statement you are making.

I mean I love that people are trying to spread more about gender identity, because it needs exposure, but being a full on dick about it is not good.
Shame on you for the things you’ve become accustom to.
Shame on you for being closed minded.
Shame on you for not being a psychic.
How about
"No, I’m sorry, but people are missing the point of this photoset. The photoset is an expression of androgyny."
See? That makes me so much more sympathetic than LITERALLY shaming me.

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