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Let me clear something up about the Firefighter Convention and the Seaside Fire

I haven’t seen much of it on tumblr (probably because it’s harder to find), but I’ve seen several people online criticizing the NJ Firefighter Convention for not just packing up and rushing to respond to Seaside, or for causing a mass absence of firefighters to fight the fires.

I’d just like to say that’s not the case.

First of all, let me explain. The Firefighter Convention is an annual convention held in Wildwood. Firefighters, both paid and volunteer, from all over the state convene not only for well-deserved leisure, but also for legitimate firefighting business.

There’s currently a fire on the Seaside Heights/Park boardwalk. It has engulfed multiple blocks of the boardwalk very quickly. (If you also didn’t know this, a massive hurricane swept through barely a year ago and destroyed almost every beach in the state, Seaside included)

People are talking about the fire convention having a severely negative impact on the fire. This is not that true of an assumption. Naturally, the entire town would not be left completely unguarded. Not every single firefighter attends the convention with every piece of equipment in the station. Many stay behind in case a fire should occur in town, and nearby towns may cover for each other during this time. Additionally, the conditions of the fire were just unfortunate. We’re talking about a dry, wooden boardwalk catching fire in heavy winds. As if the fire wouldn’t spread already, the winds worsened matters. We’re talking about storms that took down trees. That’s what was in the area. While having full fire companies present for the fire may have lessened the damage, by no means would it stop the fire from getting so bad. A ten alarm fire happened just recently in New Jersey before the convention. It can certainly happen with more firemen present. However, it’s also important to note that the convention doesn’t even begin until tomorrow. Now, it’d be foolish to try and tell you that Wildwood is empty, because there are several departments with firefighters there already. But most firefighters would probably be going tomorrow. It’s possible that the entire Seaside departments were present. This I can’t give a solid statement on.

However, that assumption is at least logical. Fewer firefighters = greater damage. The extent of that damage difference, while likely not that significant on a general scale, is not something we’ll ever know.

What is immensely silly is the idea that the firefighters at the convention should have responded to the Seaside fire.

Let me break down a bunch of reasons why that’s a bad idea.

1) Lack of equipment. While several firetrucks are brought to the convention a town would not take all of their trucks. Maybe a few firefighters brought their gear just for kicks (if they’re even allowed to), I don’t know, but they’d be in an extreme minority there. It’s highly unlikely that happened. So for the convention firefighters to be responding to Seaside would be dangerous. Impossible even. 

2) Lack of familiarity. At a 10-Alarm fire, Seaside called in multiple other nearby departments to respond. Those departments would have experience working with Seaside and the other departments and with the environment. A bunch of random firefighters from across the state? Not so much. This wouldn’t help matters very much. 

3) Logistics. First of all, let’s entertain the idea and think about how the firefighters would be rounded up to respond. Hint: they wouldn’t. There’d be no real good way to call upon all the firefighters in Wildwood and communicate. There’d also be a fair amount of traffic if they did all go at once from the same place! But then when they get there, can you imagine how it’d actually go? They’re already managing 400 firefighters from what I hear. It’s a nightmare down there already and more people to direct, organize, and have space for wouldn’t necessarily help. I don’t know if you know, but firetrucks are big. And there’s only so many hydrants. I also heard that they already had to call in tankers apparently. Who knows? Maybe they could manage it. Maybe it’d only make a bad situation worse.Especially keeping in mind number one.

4) Procedure. You don’t just bring in as many firetrucks as possible. You just don’t. If a fire broke out in Wildwood right now, it’d be handled by the Wildwood fire departments and any other nearby departments. Why? Because that’s procedure. Why do they have to follow procedure? Because they’re literally fighting fire.


The more you think about it, the more the idea is just absurd.

If you’re still not convinced, then I repeat: the firefighters don’t have their gear.


Either way, it’s really unfortunate what’s going on in Seaside. My thoughts are with everyone affected. Hopefully, they can rebuild. They did it once. They can do it again.

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Name: Chelsee Louisiana LeBlanc
Bio: I’m 21 years old and i want to be a voice actor.I’m the(Hetalia) rep. of Louisiana and I’m one tough cookie! 
Here a little (more like a lot) about me!

Well, here we start with this OC.

Let’s just start, I suppose. I think that some people who watch this blog have RPed with her, or are friends with her, but this definitely, definitely needs work.

A lot of it.

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And here’s my two cents.

This one is a doozy, really. She has potential, but is also pretty faulty.

It’s time for another exciting round of me pretending to be FYSHO!

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In response to Sues as a sexist concept.

Okay this is really long.

I’ve included both the full original post and my comments with quotes.

Today, a post was made claiming that the concept of a Mary Sue is sexist and that they’re not necessarily a bad thing.

I already made a brief post about it this morning, but now I sat down and looked at it and here are my thoughts, because if you guys haven’t noticed by now, I have this need to comment on everything.

See also my last post, which is a sleepy, less thoughtful, shorter response.

Follow to cut to see more of my rambling as I break the post down and either win the love of many or make a complete foolish asshole of myself.

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Mary Sue, what are you? or why the concept of Sue is sexist →





Looks like this essay was needed, so I went ahead and did it. Not sure I said everything I wanted to say, but I tried.

So, there’s this girl. She’s tragically orphaned and richer than anyone on the planet. Every guy she meets falls in love with her, but in between torrid romances she rejects them all because she dedicated to what is Pure and Good. She has genius level intellect, Olympic-athelete level athletic ability and incredible good looks. She is consumed by terrible angst, but this only makes guys want her more. She has no superhuman abilities, yet she is more competent than her superhuman friends and defeats superhumans with ease. She has unshakably loyal friends and allies, despite the fact she treats them pretty badly.  They fear and respect her, and defer to her orders. Everyone is obsessed with her, even her enemies are attracted to her. She can plan ahead for anything and she’s generally right with any conclusion she makes. People who defy her are inevitably wrong.

 God, what a Mary Sue.

I just described Batman.

  Wish fulfillment characters have been around since the beginning of time. The good guys tend to win, get the girl and have everything fall into place for them. It’s only when women started doing it that it became a problem….

Long read, but lots of good insights on this trope.

I’m just fonna leave this here. It’s interesting. I disagree with a lot of it but I’m too tired to read it all so I’m not gonna bother a long post of “what’s right what’s wrong”.

I also have no clue where the bullshit “men can’t be sues” thing is from.
I also don’t know when TvTropes became the world’s leading literary authority. For fuck’s sake it’s a wiki too.

But I wanna touch on the
"What’s wrong with a teenager with a power fantasy"
The answer is nothing. Creating a sue doesn’t hurt anyone.
That doesn’t mean we can’t hate a bad character.
You can write all the sues you want but when you publish and pass it for a legitimate, good character, that’s the issue.

The batman example is bullshit. You can twist around fucking anything to word it like that so it fits your argument. Having traits common among sues DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE A FUCKING SUE.
Some of that wasn’t even sueish.
In fact you didn’t even describe it in a sueish way. Sues are often that way for NO FUCKING REASON.

And in the end
Who ever said
Could never be called a sue?

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Okay, it’s people like you that make me ashamed to be of German descent. You think it’s okay to flaunt around around and say “LOL KAWAII NAZI DESU YO!”

It certainly is NOT fucking okay. Why don’t you make Al Queda models, huh? Make some mother fucking terrorists for MMD while you are at it.   If anything, hundreds of terrorists are LESS hostile than any SS Officer during WWII. Why? Because they seek to destroy themselves in the process, whereas SS Officers killed and maimed and raped and burned and destroyed over and over again. No sense of remorse, due to the heavy brainwashing they were under. They were just as casual about it as a guy getting a coffee at Starbucks. This is what they were trained to do. This is what they WERE. Cold-blooded killers.

I am so fucking sick of the romanticism of Nazis as these bad ass mother fuckers that knew how to fuck shit up because of how hardcore they were.

Do you think the German people like to be reminded of this shit, huh? Do you think they’re proud of this past? HELL NO. Racism STILL goes on in the United States today, and elsewhere. We accuse all Germans of being Nazis. It’s not a fucking compliment. It’s a fucking serious insult.

Oh, and what’s that girl doing there? You seriously think women were allowed in the motherfucking German army? My god you must be stupid.

And the fact that this person is probably a Hetalia fan? Oh my fucking god. I am so sick of you Nazi retarded Hetalia fans. Get your heads out of your asses, get your fucking facts straight. Read up on the Nazi ideology. Do you hate homosexuals? Do you hate people of other religions and races? Do you the hate ill and crippled?

Do you want to live in a dictatorial society where you are enslaved and forced to follow a corrupt leader?  By all means, move to North Korea. You’d love it there.

As a Hetalia fan, as a German, as a future history major, as an MMD User, and as a human being, this offends me greatly. The internet is so stupid these days.

 I actually don’t watch Hetalia(I keep reading it as genitalia for some reason), but if you get your knickers in a bunch over a simple picture of models wearing..

An outfit.

Articles of clothing.

On 3D models.

On people who don’t even exist.

You must be like. Turbo sensitive or something. Again, they’re not even killing anyone. But clearly, you must be new to the internet as well, I could google images a thousand times worse than this. Addionally, I was saying “kawaii desu” in a non-serious manner. I thought you would get right now that i’m not even serious about this whole thing. I’m laughing at how people are getting serious as FUCK over this image. You want to know how you have a mostly stress-free life? Don’t take simple and stupid things seriously.

 Short version of this:

I have to agree with zeaky on this. People are a little too up in arms about this one. Articbanana had some good points but people blew this way out of proportion.

It’s not necessarily taking a stance of Naziism. I mean, I guess you can be offended by “kawaii animu nazis” because this picture doesn’t depict them in the serious manner it should because of the style, but there’s really not much offensive about this image imo. it’s not saying “nazi’s where great guise”, or even showing anything very nazi-like. There are NO implications in this picture. They are ALL IN YOUR HEADS. Unless someone tracked the source of this picture, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PICTURE IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN OR WHAT THE AUTHOR’S STANCE ON NAZIISM IS.

Just because someone made a picture depicting two Nazi characters does not mean that the creator is a nazi. It does not mean that the creator is a Hetalia fan. It does not mean that the creator thinks all germans are nazis. It doesn’t not mean the creator supports the ideas of the nazis.

Maybe I’m not as sensitive to Nazis as I should be, and I won’t deny that this picture can be seen as offensive to some people. But I don’t think there’s enough offensive things in it to warrant the reaction it received.  You can be offended by it, but it seems like people are too offended by it.


Do you think the German people like to be reminded of this shit, huh? Do you think they’re proud of this past? HELL NO.

This for some reason just gets me. Like
So what.
Every nation has a dark past.
Should we just never speak of them again?
Should we go in and cut out racism, sexism, classism, genocide, war, and oppression from our textbooks and ban all media depicting such history?
Just because we’re not proud of it?
Should we never face what we didn’t do
Just because
We don’t like that it happened?

Also guys

This does not mean they’re a Hetalia fan even.

Yes, that is a Hetalia Uniform. And yes, the Iron Cross used is a “Hetalia” Iron Cross.
No, there’s not that many military uniforms available for MMD.

I know I’m irrationally angry, and I wanna stress again that yes it’s okay to be offended by this


it honestly seems like people are looking for an excuse to be offended.
It really does.
It doesn’t seem like there’s as many reasons to be offended as people are making it out to be.

Was it a good idea on the model maker/picture maker’s part? Maybe not. They should have thought about it and asked themselves
"Should I really do this?"
And yes, I feel they are wrong for not asking that.
And yes, I feel it does sort of “make light” of a dark history, but I don’t feel that’s intentional. Until I can see the artist’s comments, I can’t say they’re trying to make light of Naziism just because of the medium they used.

Maybe it wasn’t the best decision in the world to make
but really
This seems a little too overboard guys.

I mean

I gotta be missing something

I have to be.

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Oh those purists, thinking that their precious old Sonic was perfect!

I mean, Sonic wouldn’t be around if they didn’t come to agreements with other companies such as Nintendo!

CH: Can I just say purists/elitists of any kind annoy the shit out of me?

i actually like new Sonic, especially his design.

Few things:

  • why is this signed and dated as if it’s an actual art piece?
  • Sonic 1, 2, and 3 were pretty much the same fucking thing. Get over yourself. SEGA isn’t doing very well, but at least “new sonic” is trying different things to bring some needed variety into the series, and if they get their shit together it CAN look. Just look at Sonic’s classic rival, Mario. Look at the variety of Mario games, how well they play, and what a success the franchise has been. New =/= bad. Change =/= bad. Variety = very good. 
  • What is that one “Sonic” just behind him that’s blocked out? Could they just not think of another reason why Classic is good?
  • What the fuck is StH? Is that the abbreviation for the other Sonic cartoon because I’m pretty sure it had a different abbreviation. If it’s not the other cartoon, then I’m sorry, but “Sonic the Hedgehog” is not a valid reason for why Classic Sonic the Hedgehog is better than New Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • If you think so, get away from me.
  • Why is his obsession with chilli dogs a good thing?
  • SatAM was not a good show and is not a redeeming quality of Classic Sonic. Take off your fucking nostalgia goggles because it was a mindless show for kids. That’s it. It was no more enjoyable than Sonic X, and they both accomplish their goals of appealing to their young target audiences.
  • What about Sonic Underground?
  • No seriously.
  • I never saw Sonic Underground. Is it a good show that this TRUE FAN forgot to mention, or was it so bad that he just kind of swept it under the rug?
  • Also: Robotnik v. Eggman. I like both names, and it’s not like they randomly changed his name. He is still canonically Ivo Robotnik. He’s just mocked by Sonic as Eggman because, well, he looks like an egg. (It’s not even that he’s fat I mean LOOK AT HIM HE IS A WALKING EGG.) It is a name that he’s embraced, though. And it’s not a bad name. Being that it’s a mocking nickname, I’d say it’s better than Robotnik, which sounds like a nickname.
  • Okay. The Shadow Controversy I’ll understand. But to be completely fair, a LOT of that was just bullshit with parents who thought that a cover with explosions and guns was suitable for their 10 year old, OR controversy that the purist fans who love Classic Sonic made. Why not list off why these elitist fans threw a bitchfit about it instead of that they did? Really all they’re doing by putting that down as a reason is saying that THEY’RE the reason new Sonic sucks.
  • Werehog was a fucking stupid idea on SEGA’s part, I agree.
  • I know, I want variety, but it’s one of those things I can’t help but look at and wonder who thought it’d work.
  • 4Kids has little to do with the quality of Sonic. I mean, yeah, Sonic X, but I think we can all agree that at the end of the day, the games are what matter. All 4Kids did in the way of the games was provide voices. Granted, this picture is from 2010 and I don’t know if they were done by then, but now there’s a new set of non-4Kids voice actors. 
  • Amy has been around since Sonic CD. She wore a different dress, had her hair done up slightly differently, and was “Rosey Rascal” or something, but that was Amy. She’s been around that long, and it is canon that it was her.
  • and why the fuck did they put Amy down? Why not a character that actually represents Sonic’s downward spiral like Big the Cat, who represents the opposite of the goal of the series, adds nothing, and was more of a nuisance to fans than anything else. A completely random character. At least Amy has some relevance. Sonic saved Amy, so she in turn fell for him. Big just happened to fuck up somewhere and we helped him on his quest that accidentally got caught up in shit when it really didn’t have to. It feels like it was just an excuse to tie him into the plot when they forgot they had to do that.
  • Yaoi and fanwars may have been around since CS, the former more likely. Fanwars start mainly because of dumbass shit like this. Yaoi will always be there and it is NOT the fault of SEGA mishandling Sonic. It is yet another problem created by the fans and only the fans. And it is not exclusive to new Sonic. If we suddenly went back to Classic Sonic and wrote out every character except Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and RobotEggmannik Person, then there would still be yaoi. It is a problem across all fandoms.
  • Why is “NINTENDO GAMES” a bad thing? It’s not even “OH HE WAS IN MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPICS WHICH WAS A BAD GAME”. No, it’s that he was featured in Nintendo games. Does Metal Gear suck because Snake and Co. were featured in a Nintendo game? Does Devil May Cry suck because Dante was in an Atlus game? Is Star Wars ruined because Darth Maul was in a Tony Hawk game?

I’m not passionate toward either side. I like some New Sonic stuff, I like some Old Sonic stuff. Both had shit, both had hits. If we can’t fucking get over that fact, can we at least make a GOOD argument?

















Death /tilts head/ or a dying hamster

Moth and butteryfly kissing. u3u

I see my family looking at me… Judging me… 

…Two people gettin’…shot in the head.

a pelvis

I see a face and a small creature wearing a crown.

One of those Angler Fish, minus the angler bit

((A tiki head.))

There’s a couple sitting towards the bottom, leaning their backs against one another while they watch some kind of display of lights above them. They might be fireworks, or maybe they’re just high or something. Below them is their reflection, but it’s been distorted into some kind of a heart.

the composition is really cool
/all of these turn into art pieces for me sorry sdhtuisdt 

I see Gurren Lagann with Kamina’s cape.

What the fuck. I need to get my mind off of that.

Zhu Zhu hamsters

it’s either a volcano or someone sitting on a very elaborate death note style throne

A butterfly exploding out of someone’s stomach. Or a really sad person upset because their forehead and ears are extremely large.

A torso with butterfly wings extending from halfway down the back. A part of the thighs are still attached to the torso, though, so it kind of looks like it’s kneeling.

A warrior with a teddy bear strapped to his chest, riding on the shoulders of a smaller man in a battle ready stance. 

I feel like it is a really dark picture and all, and at first glance I for some reason thought it was a bunch of screaming skulls.

I see a huge witchlike divinity with a strange hat, crazyass hair, and legs spread, blocked by a screaming spirit or jar with wings that have a devilish styling to them, like a hybrid of angel and bat/demon wings. Upsidedown below it is something in great agony, which is also appearing to me as a man in some sort of warped gas mask with distressed spirits escaping him. I see wings, like those of a butterfly, in the shape of the profile view of old wise bearded anthro ducks, from which there spreads blood, flying off the flapping wings.At the bottom are two well-groomed brothers, each holding damaged books, looking this way. The spirits head toward their books. They sit on a simple rug with a heart on it. Or a mouse. Either way. There are spirits escaping it. Whether the man is grabbing at them or the spirits they don’t seem to notice or mind, if he’s even truly there, or just a figment of imagination. At the edges of the rug symmetrically so are small animals, appearing to be mice, and a matryoshka doll on the edge.

Below the rug is two birds of no legs, flamingo like, looking at nothing, maybe each other.

What the fuck.

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Picturesque Scene: Making of 3D papercraft (ish...) →


Okay! I’m gonna try to describe how I made a 3D papercraft of Ben in case any of you wanna know how I did it. Hope I can explain it well.

Tools I need: Paper, glue, scissor and cutter. It would be helpful if you have pen-type cutter that is usually used for craft. Pencil and eraser are…

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Am I the only one that watches No. 6 more for the story rather than the pairing?



I wouldn’t have watched all seven episodes in one sitting if the plot didn’t interest me, LOL. I MEAN, I DO LIKE NEZUMI AND SION TOGETHER, BUT… I’m more curious about the infection/disease and the secrets behind No. 6 rather than what gay things they’re going to do together next.

yes yes yes yes this
if as many people as I think are wasting 30 minutes of their life every Thursday just to watch two gay 16 year old boys instead of what is actually a decent plot I will have officially lost hope for the NO.6 fandom. 


Now then, I’m going to put this under a cut. The rest of this is just me explaining the reasons I love No. 6)

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i honestly don’t know why deviantart just doesn’t forbid bases at this point. they’re really just being abused.

TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE: THIS IS A MARY SUE! …but why does she have a voice actress? and more importantly, why is her birthday the day before mine?

Name: Lacaria

Gender: Female

Voice Actress: Penelope Crúz

Age: 1,500 years, Lv. 45

Rank: second in command of Crystal’s Army

Birthday: September 15

Species: Pink and black Lucario

Family: Dash (triplet son), Rio (triplet son), and Ria (triplet daughter)

Personality: Optimistic, caring, smart, playful, and hyperactive

Quirks: Naivety and partial fear of developing relationships

Powers: Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Psychic, Inner Focus, Aura Storm, and light affinity

Background Story: Laki was an average happy Lucario living her freedom a thousand years ago. But she suddenly is forced to marry an evil Lucario named X’ng. She barely escapes and ends up captured by Terotrey’s ancestors. Unfortunately, X’ng has also been captured and nominated as the homeowner’s official pet. He has raped Laki, beaten her, and left her to die in her cage. But when the electrical power goes down, she escapes with the remaining energy she had and meets Crystal at the entrance. As they flee, they agree to start a rebelling army to stop Terotrey’s family from overtaking the universe. They have lived for thousands of years and Laki has produced immortal triplets in the process. Both girls have the solid belief that Terotrey’s ancestors must have injected something into their bodies from aging or changing. Since then, Crystal and Laki have turned into best friends. Despite that Laki is afraid of her past, she remains strong and brave even in the toughest situations. Gallade falls in love with her at first sight, but Laki doesn’t realize this until later in the story. After some hesitation for her part, she accepts Gallade after seeing everything that he has done for the team. She continues to support the heroes and is expressively happy to see Crystal and Zoroark together. She grows more happy when she sees Raven and Lily again. But her excitement diminishes when Crystal is found beaten and raped one night. Angry, Laki goes to war against Terotrey with the heroes and plans to kill Eclipso for hurting her best friend. But during the battle, Laki is stricken when her children and Gallade are killed by the exiled Legendaries. Her grief distracts her enough to let the exiled Legendaries strike her down and kill her next. Laki’s spirit joins the other deceased heroes in the afterlife. She is shown to be with Gallade as they watch the Riolu triplets play near a lake.

Interesting Facts: Laki is not considered a shiny Pokémon. She has developed her pink and black fur through a very rare recessive gene from her mother. She had the light affinity and is later revealed as Crystal’s soul piece for heart. She is one of the only three people (Ash, Crystal, and herself) with the Aura Storm ability.

>She grows more happy


Why does it have to be a recessive gene?

You know what else is a recessive gene?

Having five fingers.

And after 1,500 years she’s only Level 45?

I mean, I get it if you’re trying to stop the character from being some absurdly powerful sue, but
Your character has to be practical. I mean, characters who are hundreds of years old don’t have to be powerful, but for god’s sakes it’s pokemon. Not to mention she overthrew some terrible empire or something, and did a lot of fighting it seems.

I honestly don’t know. This is such longwinded and complicated background story I stopped reading it because I don’t even understand it. If you’re introducing the character, keep it as brief and simple as you can. I mean, after a thousand and a half years, YEAH you’re going to have a LOT happen to this character, but we needn’t know every detail. If I could finish this description, I could probably easily shorten it.

Honestly what’s being described sounds more like what should be the character’s role in whatever story. It honestly sounds like a kind of plot summary that you’d find on like Wikipedia or something. It is fun to think about your characters, setting, plot, etc. like that sometimes, but that’s not always the best way to introduce them.

But above all, reblogging for THIS:

i honestly don’t know why deviantart just doesn’t forbid bases at this point. they’re really just being abused.