to me this picture is bullshit, because i live in new jersey and the town i live in is completley underwater leaving families devastated with no place to go, some homes got 16 feet of water, a couple blew up from gas leaks hitting the water, and some foundations collapsed from the weight of the water. so due to this, ignorance, fuck everyone who doesnt know what its like to loose a home, take a trip to some of the towns that got hit the hardest and then re think posting this picture and thinking its funny.

old it may be I wanna leave this here


August 29, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in the United States

These are just a few images of more than 3,300 images taken by FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

Oh wow. That’s all I can honestly think to say.



Actually shit got ruined and broken branches and trees that fell over caused a lot of problems and people got hurt so

this is not funny thank you good night

Wow. More than 21 people died because of this hurricane, one of them being an 11-year-old.

Nice going, assholes.

A lot of this area and the neighboring areas are out of power, some for the next week or two. My father, along with some amazing other men, was out for almost 24 hours handling downed powerlines and fires. And as an above post said, deaths, including that of a child, have been attributed to this. Trees were being knocked down all night and I couldn’t sleep half the night because of the giant trees looming outside my house.

And who else here saw the gif with footage of Times Square, empty as a wasteland?
All I’ve been hearing about on the news for the last two days is how mass transit is the city is pretty much shut down. This is the first time they’ve done that that I can ever remember. What did they say it was? Was it in 20 years or something? 

This isn’t the silly little Earthquake from the other day. (Although when it was happening, people had all the right to be scared about it since nobody knew what was going on. We are in a region where Earthquakes of a high enough magnitude to feel are not common, so when the ground starts shaking and stuff in your building starts moving, you flip the fuck out. Especially in New York City. Buildings were being evacuated because people mistook it for another terrorist attack, since it is almost the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and all)
Did people lose power in that Earthquake? Yeah. Were people scared as shit at the time? Yeah. But in the end it was nothing and we all had a good laugh.
Irene, you see, actually did shit. People have died, people have lost power for weeks, trees fallen everywhere, flooding, and I don’t even know what’s happened to businesses and homes right next to the shores.

Was it a horrible disaster like other major hurricanes, such as Katrina? Absolutely not.
But is it a joking matter, especially at this point in time? Not really. 

If it was, I’d find this hilarious. But knowing what’s happened, it’s just too inaccurate to even be funny. Not just because it’s offensive, but because it’s just off. 

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8/28/2011 (8:20pm)

Okay so

I mentioned that my dad and my brother went out on a call around midnight.

My brother got home a few hours ago. I think it was somewhere between 1-3PM?

My father opened the door a few minutes ago.

Me: Daddy! Welcome home! ;u;

Dad: Not home yet.

So he just went out for another half hour.

Fuck this hurricane.


8/28/2011 (3:53pm)

My brother just got home from that call at midnight.

And my dad is going out for another hour or so.


8/28/2011 (12:50pm)

My favorite tree…


#hurricane#irene#at least it wasn't one in the backyard

8/28/2011 (12:37pm)

Holy shit

So my dad and my brother have been on this call for TWELVE HOURS


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The Hurricane




People in New York:

People in Florida:


People in Florida: 

People in New York: 

whoever made this, i love you. 

lol BURN


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