hmm wtf?

A few things I would like to point out from looking at this. When you smile your nose widens a bit and your cheek muscles point it out. And it is obvious the court photo he is turned to the right slightly, his left ear will stick out a bit. Same with curlier hair a ear is bound to stick out. Hair and expression are easy to change. But the tendencies one does are extremely hard to change, find a photo of your “imposter” doing a similar expression. Then compare the two photos.

"how many people have one ear stick our more than the other ear?"

both of these alleged different people apparently

i’m pretty sure that if it was an imposter, someone who knew them wouldn’t have called them out through a TUMBLR post. they would would have called it out when they SAW HIS DAMN FACE PLASTERED ALL OVER THE NEWS, and some of these people who know the alleged real james holmes would have said something




When you see it.


when you see— when you— when— I feel sick



am i missing something

wait i don’t get it

is it the sign on the left?

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Someone in the Persona 4 tag…


Is demanding a boycott of Atlus. Explaining this under a read more:

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Boycotting has historically worked, yes, but under different circumstances. It’s very important to consider, as you noted, that Atlus Japan creates the games and that boycotting in another reason is not necessarily as effective.

Also can’t boycotting, if it has effects, kind of adversely affect irrelevant workers of the company? Like, the graphics guy doesn’t exactly have that much influence over the concept of a character. They’re given something to work with. But because the product loses its profit, he loses his profit too.

Plus, I doubt enough people will boycott under a unified cause that it can be identified by corporate as a boycott.

SO yeah. Write a letter. It may not be effective, but it’ll be more effective than boycotting. Or hell, even write a letter to Atlus USA. Not as direct as writing to Atlus Japan, but they still may be able to do something about it too, even if it’s not completely under their control.


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1. highlight the block button

2. right click the highlighted and select.

* note: it may be worded differently depending on the browser you use.

3. find where it says i.p, highlight & copy

*note: i took out some random numbers of mine so i dont get creeps ;)

4. paste the i.p…


Because for me I don’t get an IP…

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Raep!!! :iconicameplz: I’m a horrible person.
So, this is a crack couple, slash wtever. Also, this is my first ( i think) yaoi drawing. BoyxBoy
Yes, seme Adams is seme. And uke Washington is uke :meow:
I can’t help but make Adams the seme.
That’s right, people raping people who are older than them.

Washington: Ugh, I never thought the weather would be like this.
Adams: *walks in* Mr. President. *takes off hat*
Washington: Hey, how’s it go- John, you look like you’re wearing a really heavy clothes.
Adams: Huh? Well, you’re mistaken, sir. I feel less hot than you. *smile*
Washington: These eyes *facepalm* Well then excuse me, Mr. Vice-president. *takes off coat*
Adams: Hm? *stare*
Washington: *sitting on his desk* John? Are you alright?
Adams: *grabs him by the arm and pushes him against the wall and seizes him :3*
Washington: Wha?
Adams: *smile* It’s hot enough for you to take off all your clothes.
Washington: J-John…what are you…
Adams: *runs hand through his shirt* Allow me to make love with you…Mr.President

Btw, Washington is sitting on the floor and Adams is on his knees, which is why he looks taller than Washington.

S.A: Happy President’s Day. -_-

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