Really tired of seeing musicians use “gay” as an insult. We can do better than this.


"Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women." ~ (unattributed)

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Nigeria’s new anti-gay law makes it illegal to meet with other gay people


  • 38 the number of countries on the African continent that have discriminatory laws targeting gay people—roughly 70 percent of the continent. Nigeria took another step on this front Monday by passing a law, the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which outlaws LGBTQ people from even holding a meeting in public. People who break the law face up to 14 years in prison. source




Today’s brony freakout involves the BronyDoc getting picked up by Logo, a TV network that started out at being LGBT-centered but has recently “entered into partnerships to produce programs that focused less on LGBT-specific interests and more on general cultural and lifestyle subjects.”

Enter the panicking.

it’s like 8 months old but homophobic bronies are a timeless ideal.

I don’t think the stereotypical sexual preference of bronies is usually considered to be “gay”.

I’m pretty sure that the stereotypical sexual preference of bronies is considered something else.

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Hi guy’s this is Eternal-Violet-Void’s girlfriend, We decided to post this here since she has many more followers than I do.  PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS.  This girl has been messaging us both non-stop and saying the most hateful things. I don’t know what to say to make her stop so I was hoping to in-list some help from all of you. Thank you guys!


Time to expose! Reblog !!!

Urge to punch rising…

y’all should call the authorities

ugh. people like Lindsey is why wonderful people commit suicide. Lindsey needs to get a life that does not involve bullying others. : /

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Excuse me… What.

what the actual fuck

Proof you don’t have to actively hate gay people to be homophobic. To be demeaning as fuck. To see them as less than human, but just your own personal toys.

That’s stupid, sick and twisted. I wouldn’t care a child’s orientation. You’re so wrong, whoever posted this.

Definition of the Hetalia fandom.

some bisexual girl in my art course actually expressed a deep rooted desire to have a little stereotypical gay kid to carry around in her pocket and take shopping and get her hair done and i just fucking stood there like “i don’t want to be in ANYONES pocket what the actual fuck is wrong with you” and she had the nerve to tell me i wasn’t gay and i’m like “no i’m a queer woman but sure go ahead and tell me what i am and am not continue to ig yourself a deeper grave”

also to the comment above me: fuck yourself with a fucking knife.

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It’s so wonderful to know that someone who was a famous star on a old Disney Channel show and who is open with her sexuality gives someone the means to vent and act like a little twat on Twitter. Because you know, saying that your childhood is dead and destroyed just because she might prefer girls over boys is a very mature and very non-homophobic thing to say. Especially on a open social media website like Twitter.

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“I’m not homophobic! I’m not scared of gay people!”

#homophobia#thoughts#what fucking difference does it make#technically it can mean 'fear of sameness' can't it?#hemophiles don't love or have a fetish for blood#and again it doesn't even fucking matter#tell me in what context outside of the office of Websters does this statement actually contribute to anything


[Image description: a Twitter update from a user whose name is illegible.  The update reads, “OMG OMG OMG my sister’s friends with bisexual people. I’m not being homophobic but that’s Soooo freaky. I’m not going near my sister anymore”

End description.]

hell if anything this is the closest to a literal definition of homophobia that was in that last photoset.