I had a dream that my friends and I were sharing ideas of how we thought our favorite starters would look like. I was drawing them and they all liked it. I had to draw them and make it look exactly like in my dream. Anyway, this is how I see them in my own way. Their names are based off nicknames we gave them.

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can the science side of tumblr please explain this 


mitt romney is furious to find out that his my-little-pony-itis has progressed to its final stages. he doesn’t have much time left. now he’ll never be president.

thanks science side of tumblr

As a nurse, I can say this is true.

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its the year 2021. you download designer drug for your 3d printer off the bit torrent network. you go to get the drugs out of the printer but instead of drugs it printed a cop. Youre under arrest

afraid of the future

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imagine one day, someone tells you that a playing card loves you, literally, and you need to love it back. they keep repeating this. you are an adult. you are a ceo of a company. you make billions. you keep getting phone calls from people telling you to love your poker deck. you try to block all of their numbers but they keep coming back. they also want you to participate in magic rituals and visit fortune tellers. also your brother was just kidnapped. this is the life of seto kaiba

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