Wake me up (Wake me up inside) I can’t wake up (Wake me up inside) Save me (Call my name and save me from the dark) Wake me up (Bid my blood to run) I can’t wake up (Before I come undone) Save me (Save me from the nothing I’ve become)

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i’m a huge fan of politically incorrect jokes. listen to this absolute classic: “abraham lincoln was never president”!

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the best moment in any media involving super heroes ever

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P4 mini print set for AFA ID 2014! they’re 15 x 15 cm each- so tiny and cute! i picked flowers that somehow match their personality, but different websites state different meanings, so i hope it doesn’t stray much. i did dojima and nanako too, but tumblr only allows 10 photos in a photoset… available at my storenvy soon!

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bisexual people aren’t more likely to cheat in relationships but we are more likely to cheat at cards, while lesbians are most likely to cheat at jenga, and genderqueer people often cheat at mario kart

how the fuck do you cheat at jenga

ask a lesbian


this is never not funny

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