10/10/2011 (10:31pm) 1 note

wait what the hell

did it just uninstall the pets demo as soon as it finished downloading?



Some visual notes from London Design Festival, taken at Origin - the Contemporary Craft Fair, held at Spitalfields, and the Tramshed, Rivington Street, which seemed to be a big draw for East London’s fixed-gear brigade, and furniture lovers all round.


Abigail Brown Textile Artist - creates birds and animals from textiles, with a delicacy that’s very beautiful, she can make something special to it’s owner; their favourite canary or flamingo even.

Victoria Delany Design - these Moire Vessels are hand made from perforated aluminium, cut, folded and riveted, then coloured with powdered enamel.  Semi-industrial craft from an RCA graduate in silversmithing.

10/10/2011 (10:20pm)

origin please stop sucking

just because i clicked to install the demo manually does not mean i didn’t download it

and if you want me to stop installation or downloading before i close origin then PUT IN A FUCKING BUTTON TO DO IT