• Maxis General Manager Lucy Bradshaw: "I'd like to say that it's not fair — that the game score shouldn't be punished for a server problem, but it is fair. SimCity is an online game and critics and consumers have every right to expect a smooth experience from beginning to end. I and the Maxis team take full responsibility to deliver on our promise. Trust that we're working as hard as possible to make sure everyone gets to experience the amazing game we built in SimCity.
  • http: //www.polygon.com/2013/3/8/4078562/internal-maxis-memo-outlines-simcity-stabilization-efforts
  • Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis: What we saw was that players were having such a good time they didn't want to leave the game, which kept our servers packed and made it difficult for new players to join.
  • http: //www.destructoid.com/ea-simcity-s-broken-because-it-s-just-too-much-fun--248186.phtml#xxCmmqpzwBhrxxrC.99

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3/8/2013 (10:58pm)