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Ahora te sigue waslikesstuff

and then everything was right in the world

cat, my friends

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whatta surprise, buzzurks likes Homestuck

All I’m saying is, If I wanted to paint myself GREY for a troll cosplay, no one would have a problem with that! So what’s the problem with brownface, AMIRITE? AMIRITE?!

A-yup. I actually think that’s about the gist of it, right there. ^^

Not Sure..

Is it really going to be necessary to explain to you the difference between fantasy creatures which don’t exist and have never been oppressed in the real world, and groups of real live human beings who do exist, have a lot of history and context in the real world, and whose day to day experience is characterized by having to deal with racism, othering, and discrimination?

Is that actually a thing you are incapable of perceiving?

Oh yeah. 

I’m a racist, sociopathic asshole, apparently.

And a douchebag.

Just a horrid person in general, it would seem.

I have a complete lack of empathy.

Did you also know I came out of my mother’s womb with a pair of devil horns and pitchfork?

At the age of two, I killed my first puppy. I used its blood to write “HAIL SATAN” on the wall of my preschool.

When I was five, I cut off my brother’s thumb and made him watch me eating it. I bottled his tears and sold them on the black market for a fortune.

At 8 years old, I used psychic powers to make my first grade teacher hang herself because she told me to go to time out.

At 12, I crucified my first Jew. Then I set fire to my first library. It was a good time.

Just this month I passed my personal quota for “highest number of queers mutilated”, and I am proud to say I have several PoC working in my basement as slaves.


You’re taking after me.

I am so proud of you.

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“No face as hideous as my face
was ever meant for Heaven’s light….”

omg lol

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