10/4/2011 (9:39pm)

Omg i still have lilim on this file

She is level 26, my weakest persona

Everyone else is around 30 to even 50 what the fuck succubus why are you so high level

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10/4/2011 (9:37pm)

After the opening finished, my dad turned around and said

"What the hell are you watching"

If he comes over again, one of two things will happen.
1) He will realize that video games have to power to tell a story
2) He will tell his own story about how Shinjiro is a drug dealer and Takaya is a stoner and how Ken probably is too. I can just feel it.

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10/4/2011 (9:34pm)

Iactually saved the day before Fortune & Strength

Because I totally cheated that boss and wanted to go back and do it legitimately one day.

Since I have an hour left that day will not be today

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10/4/2011 (9:33pm)

Just turned on p3

Never realized how awful my tv was

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