Okay, it’s people like you that make me ashamed to be of German descent. You think it’s okay to flaunt around around and say “LOL KAWAII NAZI DESU YO!”

It certainly is NOT fucking okay. Why don’t you make Al Queda models, huh? Make some mother fucking terrorists for MMD while you are at it.   If anything, hundreds of terrorists are LESS hostile than any SS Officer during WWII. Why? Because they seek to destroy themselves in the process, whereas SS Officers killed and maimed and raped and burned and destroyed over and over again. No sense of remorse, due to the heavy brainwashing they were under. They were just as casual about it as a guy getting a coffee at Starbucks. This is what they were trained to do. This is what they WERE. Cold-blooded killers.

I am so fucking sick of the romanticism of Nazis as these bad ass mother fuckers that knew how to fuck shit up because of how hardcore they were.

Do you think the German people like to be reminded of this shit, huh? Do you think they’re proud of this past? HELL NO. Racism STILL goes on in the United States today, and elsewhere. We accuse all Germans of being Nazis. It’s not a fucking compliment. It’s a fucking serious insult.

Oh, and what’s that girl doing there? You seriously think women were allowed in the motherfucking German army? My god you must be stupid.

And the fact that this person is probably a Hetalia fan? Oh my fucking god. I am so sick of you Nazi retarded Hetalia fans. Get your heads out of your asses, get your fucking facts straight. Read up on the Nazi ideology. Do you hate homosexuals? Do you hate people of other religions and races? Do you the hate ill and crippled?

Do you want to live in a dictatorial society where you are enslaved and forced to follow a corrupt leader?  By all means, move to North Korea. You’d love it there.

As a Hetalia fan, as a German, as a future history major, as an MMD User, and as a human being, this offends me greatly. The internet is so stupid these days.

 I actually don’t watch Hetalia(I keep reading it as genitalia for some reason), but if you get your knickers in a bunch over a simple picture of models wearing..

An outfit.

Articles of clothing.

On 3D models.

On people who don’t even exist.

You must be like. Turbo sensitive or something. Again, they’re not even killing anyone. But clearly, you must be new to the internet as well, I could google images a thousand times worse than this. Addionally, I was saying “kawaii desu” in a non-serious manner. I thought you would get right now that i’m not even serious about this whole thing. I’m laughing at how people are getting serious as FUCK over this image. You want to know how you have a mostly stress-free life? Don’t take simple and stupid things seriously.

 Short version of this:

I have to agree with zeaky on this. People are a little too up in arms about this one. Articbanana had some good points but people blew this way out of proportion.

It’s not necessarily taking a stance of Naziism. I mean, I guess you can be offended by “kawaii animu nazis” because this picture doesn’t depict them in the serious manner it should because of the style, but there’s really not much offensive about this image imo. it’s not saying “nazi’s where great guise”, or even showing anything very nazi-like. There are NO implications in this picture. They are ALL IN YOUR HEADS. Unless someone tracked the source of this picture, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PICTURE IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN OR WHAT THE AUTHOR’S STANCE ON NAZIISM IS.

Just because someone made a picture depicting two Nazi characters does not mean that the creator is a nazi. It does not mean that the creator is a Hetalia fan. It does not mean that the creator thinks all germans are nazis. It doesn’t not mean the creator supports the ideas of the nazis.

Maybe I’m not as sensitive to Nazis as I should be, and I won’t deny that this picture can be seen as offensive to some people. But I don’t think there’s enough offensive things in it to warrant the reaction it received.  You can be offended by it, but it seems like people are too offended by it.


Do you think the German people like to be reminded of this shit, huh? Do you think they’re proud of this past? HELL NO.

This for some reason just gets me. Like
So what.
Every nation has a dark past.
Should we just never speak of them again?
Should we go in and cut out racism, sexism, classism, genocide, war, and oppression from our textbooks and ban all media depicting such history?
Just because we’re not proud of it?
Should we never face what we didn’t do
Just because
We don’t like that it happened?

Also guys

This does not mean they’re a Hetalia fan even.

Yes, that is a Hetalia Uniform. And yes, the Iron Cross used is a “Hetalia” Iron Cross.
No, there’s not that many military uniforms available for MMD.

I know I’m irrationally angry, and I wanna stress again that yes it’s okay to be offended by this


it honestly seems like people are looking for an excuse to be offended.
It really does.
It doesn’t seem like there’s as many reasons to be offended as people are making it out to be.

Was it a good idea on the model maker/picture maker’s part? Maybe not. They should have thought about it and asked themselves
"Should I really do this?"
And yes, I feel they are wrong for not asking that.
And yes, I feel it does sort of “make light” of a dark history, but I don’t feel that’s intentional. Until I can see the artist’s comments, I can’t say they’re trying to make light of Naziism just because of the medium they used.

Maybe it wasn’t the best decision in the world to make
but really
This seems a little too overboard guys.

I mean

I gotta be missing something

I have to be.

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