My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Show for kids that found a new target audience and is now praised more by adults (me being one of them). I wanted to repay this somehow to them, so I added characters from the show to be there with them during tough moments in our history. Because we adults sometimes steal from children not only their shows, but even more important things…

Here are some good and bad comments.

  • No.
    This is just too far.
    This is so disrespectful it’s not even funny.
    When are you bronies going to leave the internet. Just delete this picture and get a clue.
    Seriously I hate this and I hate ponies.
  • This is just… oh my god, you seriously no respect for the victims of the holocaust do you?
  • This is just offensive and distasteful what the hell is wrong with you? I bet the poor victims would love to see this crappy edit if they were still alive…
  • This is amazing work. As a student of history I can say that I’ve seen hundreds of pictures like this, and have shown little to no emotion. The pictures were just windows to a past I’ve never lived in, people who I never knew or would ever know. But this picture made me stop and evaluate. Putting Rainbow Dash in made me actually look at what is really happening. Putting something that everyone is familiar with in a situation that no one knows, and to make people feel those emotions well, that takes amazing talent. Thank You.
  •   (Answer to the first one) So you a historian is saying, in order to actually feel emotion for the victims of the greatest war crime in history by now, you had first to see a cartoon horse you feel sympathy for shrugging under the eyes of the Nazis.
    … You are one of those people who will only feel sad about 9/11 when someone puts in Pinkie Pie who sings New York New York into the mix, aren`t you?

    And it takes talent to make those pictures? I thought all you needed was a certain programm and basic knowledge how to use it, while googling for the right pictures.
    Ah well, people want now historical powerful pictures, how about this: JFK getting hit in the face with a pie by Braeburn.
  • Your work is incredible, I love your perfect placements.
  • Rainbow Dash won’t be taking it just like this…she would be dive bombing the Nazis
  • Hey!? Are you serious?! Do you know what this photo means? This people suffered during the world war and you are so bored to put a pony in it?! This is digusting!

I wanted to repay the creators of friendship is magic for making a show adults like, so i stuck a pony in a holocaust photo.
i’m sure they appreciate it.

I love the historian comment because it’s all kinds of stupid. I mean, I get the whole familiar character makes it even harder, except even that is flawed.
•It does not make it okay
•It’s not a character who even did/would have experienced this in their canon, so it’s really just senselessly adding shit.
•they essentially said “I only care because it’s rainbowdash.” They don’t carebecause of the power of the picture, nor their interest in history. They care because of an irrelevant character.
•This picture was “void of emotion” until Dash was shopped in
•Not only that but he called him talented for the concept not the physical work. First of all wouldn’t that be more brilliant? Second, this isn’t brilliant at all

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